2017 Introduction to Low Impact Forestry

Introduction to Low Impact Forestry

Thursday, November 16, 2017

This introductory course is intended to bring everyone up to speed on LIF principles and practices. For some participants it may be a review, but for others this will be a day full of new information. We will cover a diverse array of topics ranging from silviculture to woodland ecology, but also including logging equipment, legal considerations of forestry activities, creation of management plans, and more. This course will be taught by loggers, landowners, and foresters. We will do some work at the Common Ground Woodlot in Unity, but we will also visit neighboring woodlots to learn more about woodlot management styles and options. The workshop will include instruction and practice on topics including:

  • Managing woodlands for sustained economic and ecological value
  • Planning and carrying out timber harvests
  • Woodland species ID and characteristics
  • Minimizing residual stand damage
  • Adding value to your forest products

The cost of this course is $ (JPs free).

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2017 Introduction to Low Impact Forestry

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