Low Impact Forestry

Students will choose to learn about either (1) logging with draft animals, or (2) logging with small machinery and hand tools. Students must have completed the Introduction to Low Impact Forestry either this year or last to take this course, if not please register for the full course.

Students in the draft animal track will begin the weekend with the foundations of draft animal care, and developing working relationships. Students will learn about or review draft animal care, health, and maintenance. We will also spend time learning the basics of driving a working animal – terminology, equipment, harnessing, voice and body commands, etc.. During the latter half of the weekend students will work side by side with their instructors to gain confidence driving animals through obstacle courses of varying difficulty. Weather permitting, students who feel comfortable will have a chance towards the end of the course to spend some time in the woodlot moving logs. All students will have an opportunity to drive different sorts of animals, using different equipment, pulling different loads, and get different types of feedback.

Students in the small machinery and hand tools track will begin with the simplest types of mechanical advantage provided by human-powered hand tools. Throughout the duration of the course students will build upon their understanding of levers, pulleys, and mechanical advantage and will apply them in various situations. By the end of the course students will have been exposed to the benefits and limits of tools ranging from a peavey to a tractor-powered winch. The goal of this course is to understand the need to match the size and scope of machinery to the goals and skills of the operator. There are many tools out there that will make harvesting and moving wood easier; the difficult part is choosing the one that will best suit your skills and needs.

Details: The cost of this three day workshop is $350 (JPs free). Registration fees include full board, including mid-morning snack each day. Camping or cot space is available. Details will be provided with registration confirmation.

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2017 Low Impact Forestry- Friday- Sunday ONLY

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