2017 Nose to Tail Pork Processing Workshop

Saturday, October 7 through Monday, October 9, 2017 in Unity, ME
All Three Days: $350 per person
Fees cover materials, take home documentation, a light breakfast, and a delicious lunch each day.

   On Day One (October 7th) we will demonstrate humane slaughter, and the efficient preparation of the carcass for subsequent processing. Pigs will be processed in two ways; one will be scalded and scraped, the other skinned. Participants will have the opportunity to safely participate in the harvest and processing. After creating a clean carcass ready to be broken down into primal cuts, there will be a traditional butcher’s picnic, serving several primal parts of the butchered pig to give thanks to the workers and the animal itself. Following lunch we will cover a history of the animal, discuss hog husbandry and feeding.

      Day Two (October 8th) will begin by taking the cooled carcass and breaking it further into the major cuts: shoulder, loin, bacon, and hams. Each cut will be considered for its properties, and we will demonstrate storage and preparation of all cuts, including methods of salting and smoking the meats. Jason and Carrie will lead this section along with guest chefs and butchers who will lead the section on carcass breakdown.

      On Day Three (October 9th), we will further process cuts into fresh and preserved finished products, including sausage (fresh and cured), ham, bacon, pates, and lard processing. Various cures (wet and dry) will be discussed and demonstrated. 

      The Nose to Tail Pork Processing Workshop will take place at MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center in Unity. All equipment for the workshop will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own knives on days two and three if they would prefer working with those. Lunch will be provided each day and will include a variety of fresh pork cuts.

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2017 Nose to Tail Pork Processing Workshop

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