2017 Maine Apple Camp

 Maine Apple Camp

August 18-20, 2017

Camp NEOFA, Liberty, Maine

 Pre-Registration is closed - walk-ins are welcome!


$165 for MOFGA members

$215 for non-members

For family registrations, please contact us.


This first-ever event will bring together folks who are excited about the future of heirloom fruit varieties: How to save them, what to do with them, how to make great cider, and who to work with. Held at a traditional Maine lakeside camp in Liberty, participants will check in for 2 1/2 days and 2 nights of immersive learning and community building. All participants will stay in cabins (or camp), eat in the cafeteria and have lots of time to swim and reflect on how to take what they learned home.

Experts on heirloom fruit conservation in Maine and beyond will discuss how to bring back our lost fruit. We’ll cover efforts to preserve Maine apples, pears and other fruit as well as how those efforts connect (or might connect) to national and international projects. Some of New England’s most innovative hard-cider makers will cover the ins and outs of making our traditional beverage of choice. Others will cover organic orchard techniques and care, and  creating community orchards. We will also explore how these forgotten fruits can return to prominence in restaurants, stores and bars as part of Maine’s food renaissance. 

Small workshops and larger public events will share practical aspects of conserving heirloom fruit in Maine and New England, including how to research and document heirloom varieties and how to involve the public in this important work. We hope to connect organic and heirloom advocates/growers (including cidermakers) with commercial, conventional growers; experienced with new explorers of heirloom fruit; orchardists with cidermakers who will bring these fruits back into commercial production. Finally, we aspire to energize all participants to work toward an unstoppable movement that will bring back our forgotten fruit.

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2017 Maine Apple Camp

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